Bursalı drivers could not get used to local tram Silkworm

Bursa drivers could not get used to the local tram Ipekbicek: There were various arrangements in the streets of Bursa with local tram silkworm. Bursa drivers could not get used to these arrangements.
On the Darmstad Street, those who didn't get used to the one-way application were added back to the city square.
Bursalılar traffic regulation of the awareness of the drivers, the Police Department Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate wants to work on these issues.
On the other hand, when the bus stops in front of the Demirtaşpaşa School on the descent from İnönü Street, a traffic lane closes, the traffic stops at the Statue and Atatürk Street.
The same annoyance is caused by the parking at the entrance of Altıparmak Avenue from Fomara Square. When a ribbon is closed with parkings, drivers going from the Fomara to the fork are experiencing various difficulties.

Source : I yenibursa.co

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