The Vehicles Occupying the Tramway in Bursa Are Fined

Tram Road occupying the vehicle to the Criminal Raining in Bursa Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in consultation, which will carry passengers produced and Sculpture Garage T1 line's first indigenous tram Turkey 'Silkworm' the city's arttrırk the test drive on the streets, hailing penalties on parked cars to tram line.
BURULAŞ, affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality, warned the public both in writing and verbally about the fact that the test drives of the tram will start on 26 August, so that the vehicle will not be parked on the T1 line route. Despite all the warnings, the vehicles parked on the T1 line route are penalized, while the vehicles whose drivers cannot be reached are drawn. After the vehicles that were taken by the rescuers in a short time like 1,5 minutes, "silkworm" continues on its way.
Police and municipal officials said that 30 to 40 vehicles were fined per day, and more than 10 vehicles were parked in the parking lot. Authorities said the penalty for parking a vehicle on the silkworm route was 77 TL, and those who paid in 15 days had a 25 percent discount.

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