The cable car in jurisdiction

Bursada cable car was installed in the judgment: upsetting the climbers as well as Turkey's leading Uludag from winter tourism center construction started last year, and the short finishing in the time planned cable car line was inserted into the barriers court building hoteliers such as a year.

Bursa Bar Association and Doğader brought this situation to the judiciary on the grounds that the trees were cut in the stage between Sarıalan and the hotels of the longest cable car line in the world with 8.5 kilometers, and the decision of suspension of execution was made by the Bursa 2nd Administrative Court. While the 50-year old ropeway is no longer able to provide the expected service and cannot be used in bad weather conditions, it is renewed, the distance is extended to the hotels area and its speed and capacity are increased. While the section up to Sarıalan is planned to open on October 29, the cable car works, which were stopped by court decision, caused the project to be delayed.

When the roads are narrow and bends and the novice drivers arrive in the winter, it will be difficult to get to the area of ​​the hotels.

Bursa Teleferik AS Chairman of the Board Ilker Cumbul, 4.5 8.5 kilometers from the project has been taken attention to the 12 kilometers, while the 6 XNUMX meters of security corridor will be reduced to less trees announced.

Cumbul said, “If the cable car is not built, tens of thousands of trees will be cut to expand the 30-kilometer vehicle road. At the same time, air pollution and traffic load will increase. In the 50th anniversary of the ropeway, it took a step forward and brought the line to the hotels area, and brought the ecological transportation system to Uludağ. kazanWe aim to carry 184 people per hour to the summit of Uludağ with 500 cabins. The construction between Teferrüç and Sarıalan is planned to be opened on 29 October. Bursa residents will really see technology and comfort. If the court decision continues, the cable car will not be able to go to the hotels area. The people of Bursa will not be able to benefit from Uludağ, which has not contributed to Bursa's tourism and economy for 12 months.

Bursa's leading mountaineering clubs, on the other hand, want the cable car line to be completed as soon as winter comes with a minimum of tree cutting. Osmangazi Mountaineering Search and Rescue Sports Club President Hamdi Güzeliş stated that they climbed Uludağ under difficult conditions in winter, and that they sometimes had to wait for hours due to the vehicles remaining on the road, and they could reach the hotels area in 22 minutes thanks to the new cable car.


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