The Object Swaying on the Cable Car Mast in Bursa Put the Police on Alarm (Photo Gallery)

An object swinging at the cable car pole in Bursa put the alarm on the alarm: One of the cable cars that became the symbol of Bursa would be alarming the police. The police first looked at the object on the mountain slopes with binoculars and then used the riflescope of the shotgun. As a last resort, the helicopter was removed. It turned out that the object that alarmed the teams was the iron component of the cable car. The object swinging on the 4th pole of the cable car, which has become the symbol of the city and continues its renovation activities, has mobilized the teams. It all started with a whistleblower calling 155 police emergency phones saying that a person hanging himself was hanging on the pole. The police station and section police who went to the scene tried to solve the object that was not chosen with the naked eye because it was on the mountain slopes. First, camera zooms of journalists who came to the scene were used. When this was not enough, binoculars were used, and when it was not satisfied, a shotgun was used. It was interesting that the police looked through the scope of the rifle, which he pointed, towards the mountain.

All that was done for the solution wasn't enough to solve the doubts in the teams. 112 emergency services teams were kept ready. As a last resort, the situation was reported to the Regional Directorate of Forestry. The helicopter, in which a policeman rides, took off to examine the object closely. The camera was shot from the helicopter rising around the pole. The body that brings the heart of Bursa into the mouth appeared to be the metal parts of the new ropeway system. Surprised eyes of the teams' efforts to the citizens of the hands of the binbünün took the comments about the object they saw. Some said that a person hung himself, and that the thing that rocked was his legs. Some said that such a thing would not be possible. But all doubts ended with the review of the helicopter. One of the inhabitants of the neighborhood said, “We were sitting with friends. We saw something hanging on the pole. When we swing in the wind, we told teams. Police and medical teams are here. Rifle binoculars and normal binoculars. But they could not go up the Forest Regional Directorate of helicopters lifted teams. When it was announced that the iron part of the team went, Demir he said.



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