Unmatched recommendation for Bursa transportation

Unreliable proposal for Bursa transportation: Years ago…
Many countries had set up trams.
In Anatolia, there had been a long time.
Prior to…
It was founded in Bursa, first Cumhuriyet Street and for touristic purposes. It has evolved into its latest role in urban public transport.
The tram line, which surrounds the city center, is about to be put into service with the domestic vehicles produced for the first time in this city.
Mayor Recep Altepe announced the planned tram lines a hundred years ago.
The area, which is the center of historical and cultural, traditional trade and social life, was surrounded by a tram.
Necati Şahin, President of the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, describes the tram method as necessary and useful.
When you say Böyle
In addition to the tramway, as the practical and economic method, metrobus flights can be arranged as in Istanbul, he says.
Şahin said, met The metrobus of the tram route planned by the Metropolitan Municipality as T1 line could be applied. The metrobus is the same length as the tramway vehicle and is topographically appropriate to the tramway. On the tram, there is the difficulty of the slope and concern. ”
T1-defined tram ring line in the city center, with physical regulation and traffic system, already argues that the cause and concerns.
Metrobus flights can be arranged instead of the same tram line, he said:
Meden Without filling the city center with traffic lights and capsizing daily life, an economic and practical solution would be provided with the BRT. ”
Haşim explains that it can be made double-lined to cover İşcan Street.
He goes on to say:
“Rail system applications are necessary for the solution of public transportation in Bursa, but according to the topographical structure of the city, metrobus is another method that can be applied.”
He claims that the tram comes up with problems of descent and ascent on the slopes and raises concerns to the Metropolitan Municipality.
In public transportation, in Bursa, where the rail system is discussed and tried to be built, Sahin's unreliable proposal is coming.

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