Give us your Suburban train Get your High Speed ​​Train

Give us a suburban train. Take the high-speed train: If I find time and get cold, I'll go back to the archives.

Since the end of 2002 Turkey, Kocaeli governing Since March this year 2004;

10 is the most supportive of all elections in the elections held over the past few years, and the AKP, which has been given this city over so much time, started in this city, which was completed in time.

I'm sure that I can't even find one big project that was promised, started on time, and finished on the date it was promised.

In municipal affairs in our province, things in the state work always go wrong.

Either the contractor breaks out, he can't take the job. Either someone object to the tenders, the process is extended.

During the AKP government, Turkey's beyond us 80 province has been revive. Tens of thousands of kilometers were built. Olympics were organized in some cities, modern sports facilities and football stadiums were made in almost every province.

This city has cast votes to this power.

This city, 11 7 deputy to this power; 13 has given all the municipalities.

But what do we have? Which promise. Start the job on time; they finished on time ..

Let me show you one, I'il shake my swinging tooth.

Currently, the most important state project that concerns this city and its people is the railway project. Government of Turkey to re-weave iron mesh with dressing, large cities between High Speed ​​Train (YHT) is made of the way, is one of the things that I most appreciated as a citizen.

The train is very important for Izmit. It is also important for Gebze, Hereke, Derince and Derbent. They stopped the train and promised us to start the YHT road construction. They made a very clear, very clear promise. Both Ministers, Deputies, Mayor of the Governor, have repeatedly promised at every opportunity. They said;

"-Do not worry. State is the word. 30 September 2013 railway construction will be finished. On the Istanbul-Ankara line, trial trials of YHT will begin. 29 As of October 2013, 15 will run a high-speed scheduled train on the Istanbul-Ankara route.

There will be a high-speed train route and a suburban train in Istanbul-Adapazarı line. on top of the freight trains will be connected to the ports of the freight train line will be made.

All 29 will end in October.

They threw Hereke, Derince. They destroyed the bridges. In the morning until the pile of pilgrims staked people in the bedroom; Work machines worked nonstop.

They spent many months in the neighborhood of Cumhuriyet District and Beach Road.

Izmit 42 Evler drowned in the dust. They ruined Derbent and Mashukiyah.

If we do not stand upright, they will establish a quarry on the Yanık Creek, the most important water source feeding the Lake Sapanca in the region between Maşukiye and Yanık, and they will ruin the nature.

. Be a little slow. When you say? Be respectful to some people an, zaman Are you a traitor? We're doing the High Speed ​​Train. This is the national project. Our prime minister ordered the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed trains to work at 29 October 2013. We are fulfilling the Prime Minister's order Biz.

They destroyed historical monuments. They cut the trees. They broke the roads, destroyed the bridges. Each time,

Emr -Maybe our prime minister ordered. This High Speed ​​Train 29 will reach October. X

When the prime minister asked for the flowing water, it was like that.

Believe many people around me, I have fought many times. "They can't finish this train in time," they said.

I always objected, “Does that happen? All the ministers announced. The prime minister explained. 29 will be operated by YHT between Istanbul and Ankara in October. On the same date the commuter train will begin. The government promised. This time it will be. Bu

Students coming from Istanbul to KOU; Students from the universities in Istanbul, Istanbul, their families, the state, the ministers trusted. Everyone made his account with the thought that 29 will begin trains on October 2013.

Now they say, Ekim Train 29 doesn't catch up with October Şimdi

Many times we came to our province by air aerial helicopter, the so-called review of the YHT route, then waited for hours to report to journalists and heavy transportation Aksam Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, said de 29 in October this work is done yapan each time.

The other day I went to the correspondent of our newspaper, who went to see the program of Minister Yildirim's KSO. I said, Geçen Ask the train. Geçen Reporter asked, Minister Yıldırım, also made a joke. Iyor 29 doesn't catch up with October. I have a date in my mind about when the train starts. But I don't want to explain it and get a glimpse. ”

So 29 There is no train in October. There is a probable date for the post, but at that time the train seems hard to work.

I gave up on the Fast Train.

AKP members are from the slum layer. They all use a chair car. Istanbul-Adapazari commuter train is important for ordinary citizens. Let's get them on the rails. We will not be afraid. Thousands of them. Our commuter train goes already slow. As long as it is a ray, let's get rid of this conviction for Efe Tur. Students, lecturers, people who have to come to Istanbul every day, Adapazari should be comfortable.

The state laid a tube under the Bosphorus and made a tunnel. Marmaray 29 catches up to October.

Our pitiful railroad does not catch up.

No mention is given to this city, not kept.

I would like to ask Mr. Prime Minister; The Minister of Transport and other officials misled you on our train route, Your Prime Minister. Despite your request, the 29 could not even train the train to October.

You told them to falakaya .. You said in July last year in July at the provincial congress of Ismetpasa Stadium, but they did not understand. Say again:

Destek -This Kocaeli gave us support in every election. This contributed the most to the treasury of this state. You have never kept a promise to this city. You couldn't finish any of this city on time in, brush, Mr. Prime Minister ..

Then please tell us .. We gave up the High Speed ​​Train. Give them a pair of twofold rails, give us back our suburban trains.

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