Binali Yıldırım: Announcement of the 11th Transport Council Final Declaration

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, shared the final declaration of the 5th Transportation, Maritime and Communications Council held in Istanbul between 7-2013 September 11 with the public at a press conference.

Shura's the main theme "Transport and Quick Access for Everyone" Lightning reminiscent determined, located in Turkey's xnumx't transport and it is in which position in the IT field and clearly said he put forth the 2003 goals and 2023 vision.

public share of investment of the Ministry, land, rail, sea and in communications with the airline 10 years realized projects with 2023 providing information about the objectives of the Minister Yildirim, 10 years ago that 18 percent of the share of public investment in the ministry, today underlined the çıktığının 43 percent of this figure . Transportation, Maritime and Communication Ministry stressed that they aim to increase the share of public investment xnumx't A xnumx'y percent Lightning, aspiring, he noted that Turkey will increasingly growing share of investments in infrastructure.

Railway network will be a thousand kilometers 25

Turkey's High-Speed ​​Train in their periods (YHT), indicating that he had met with the Lightning, continued his speech: "There was xnumx't 2003 kilometers of railway network. 10.959 is the 2012 kilometer in 12, while 8 will be the 2023 thousand kilometer rail network. YHT was no 25 years ago in Turkey, today we have a new YHT line 10 kilometers. In 888, we aim for the 2023 thousand kilometer YHT line.

We have renewed the railways, which have not been cared for for centuries, and have made the signals without signals, electrified and electrified. 10 2002 in 38 years ago 2012 km road renewal could be done, 747 in 10 mile railway have renewed. After XNUMX years, all the roads will be renovated.

Stating that the goal of reaching 2023 thousand kilometers in 8 in the length of the electric and signal line, Yıldırım said that the rate of passengers carried by railways will increase to 10 percent and the load rate to 10 percent within 15 years.

Imbalance between types of transport

“There is an imbalance in transport between modes of transport. This is Turkey's problem. It is one of the most important causes of traffic accidents.” Yıldırım said that the rate of passengers carried on the road was 10 percent 95 years ago, while sea, rail and airline shared the rate of five percent. Stating that they have reduced this figure to 90,5 percent today, Yıldırım said that they will achieve their target of 10 percent in 76 years. Pointing out that this does not mean that road transport will decline, Yıldırım said, “All of them will increase in a balanced way. The proportional distribution will be in such a way as to ensure the balance between the species. The rate of freight transported on the road was 10 percent 91 years ago. In 2013, this figure came to 77,9; It will be 2023 percent in 67,5. This is a good rate according to Turkey's conditions.” used the phrases.

Binali Yıldırım

Referring to the developments in the aviation and space sector, Yıldırım said that the number of aircraft in 162 aircrafts has increased to 371. Underlining that the 2023 750'a aircraft fleet in the 26'ya underlining, the number of scheduled flights to the 52'dan 2023'dan said that a hundred percent increase. xnumx't 60 airport scheduled to be held Yildirim gave information about the number of airports unobstructed 10 years ago "zero" today, he said that while travel comfortably with disabilities in 12 airport. Lightning, 2023'da gave the good news that all airports will be unobstructed. 10 years ago 34 million people with the airline striking striking Lightning, 285 increase with an increase of 131 million people traveled by plane today, he said. Yildirim said that the people of the airline made the way to 2023 350 million people will fly. 10 years ago 81 air transport agreement with the country stating that the Lightning, today this figure 153 came out of the country, he said.

Motorway network 8 goes over a thousand kilometers

Turkey, will be representing the xnumx't 2023 thousand kilometers of motorway network Lightning, developments in highways were listed as follows: "In the 8 highways network path was the responsibility 2003 63 thousand kilometers. Today, 143 4 65 611 10 to increase this rate went up. 70 will be 10 one thousand kilometers after the road network in the responsibility of highways. 714 had a thousand 2 kilometers highway a year ago, today we have 244 thousand 10 km highway; 8 10 will be a thousand kilometers highway after years. We will use the public private partnership model to build highways. Split path 6 101 years ago was binxnumx kilometers, a record today xnumx'l percent increase 270 22 thousand kilometers out. 601 will be our way to 10 mileage divided after years. At the same time, the number of provinces connected by the divided road was 37. Today we brought this number to 6, and in 74 we will connect all our provinces in divided ways.

Ways in which these developments occurred voicing reduces the rate of loss of life accident with Minister Yıldırım, "fatalities occurred in accidents on highways was 10 5,72 years ago. Today 54 declined to 2,63. Our goal in 2023 is to go below 1 to reduce fatal accidents caused by road defects. Here is the pleasing point of the European Union. Burada

xnumx't to 2003 8 thousand kilometers Minister explaining that the length of the asphalt today 652 15 thousand kilometers to the exit Lightning, 431 10 years later, he indicated that they would get hot asphalt thousand kilometers in length. Lightning said that it is no longer the priority of its objectives to improve the comfort of roads, not to make the road. Emphasizing that the number of countries with free passage on the highway has increased, 70 said that 10 had a free pass agreement with the country and 12 was the number one. Lightning, 24 targets to increase this number to 2023 said.

The coverage of satellites is expanding

10 before the transfer of the satellite coverage area is limited only by Turkey Yıldırım, today is partly that the coverage of the whole of Europe is the continent of Asia and Africa, he said they aimed to xnumx't global coverage.

Stating that important steps have been taken in maritime, Yıldırım continued his speech as follows: 'The container handling capacity in maritime was 2003 million TEU in 1,9, it is now 7,1 million TEU. The Turkish-owned marine fleet was 10 million DWT years ago, the tonnage of ships 9, today was the 30 million DWT. We acquired the shipyard capacity as 0,55 million DWT and increased it to 3,6 million DWT. We increased the capacity of the yacht to 8.500 from 17.500. Our 2023 target is 50 bin. X

The size of the IT sector in the 2003 11,3 billion dollars in the stating that the Minister Yildirim, 47,7 billion dollars in this figure, and 2023 160 billion dollars will be announced. When they came to power, the number of broadband subscribers is 20 bin. In 20 there will be 7 million people. Internet use 2023 was today 60. 18.8'de 47.4 level will come. 2023 of the total population will use the internet. 80 years ago, e-government was not implemented, the number of e-government services today 80, 10'te all services will be given from the e-government.

Turkey can not be postponed no longer dreams

16 thousand 600 kilometers divided road they do, 150 annual dream Marmaray'ya completed, our country was brought to YHT, motorways to complete the manual transition to finish the automatic transition, reminded them that the Lightning, gave the following information about the projects that are under construction: We will complete the Eurasian Tube Pass and Izmir-Istanbul Highway. We will complete the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge at 2015. We will finish the Ovit Mountain Tunnel, which consists of two tubes. Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Bursa, Ankara-Izmir and Ankara-Sivas YHT projects will be opened. We will complete the KarsBagu-Tbilisi line at 2015. Ankara metros will be completed this year. Istanbul New Airport tender was held. We will complete the world's largest airport. We will open Ordu-Giresun airport at sea. We send the 2 satellite this year. Çandarlı Port is under construction. We will complete the Fatih project in a few years. An infrastructure was established for cyber security. S

Minister Yıldırım listed the new projects to be implemented in line with the 2023 targets as follows: şöyle We will start with Kanal İstanbul, which is also described as a crazy project. We will implement the Çanakkale Strait Crossing and Motorway project. Filyos Port and industrial zone work is in progress. We will complete our domestic production satellites up to 2023. We'il make a local regional plane and fly. We have a national search engine project, we will complete this in the short term and put it in the service of our nation. Turkey will train its own aircraft in the year 10 levels to make every aspect of ship machinery. With our experience, we will become a participating country in space shuttle work. Elde

We succeed with the support of our nation

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Lightning, the jealousy about the news of the news passed. “We know what we're doing. What was our situation in 80 years, where are we today? He could not leave the Ministry of Transport plans the day after 10 10 years. "He said Minister Yıldırım said Turkey's dreams constantly postponed due to weak governments. The last 10 year as the years of dreams realized Yıldırım, hay The biggest factor here is trust and stability. We were able with the support of the folks. Mr. Prime Minister's love for this country was the biggest factor in this success. Ours is a factor behind his back. We prioritized studies that would improve the quality of life that would facilitate the lives of our people. Already the main theme of the. Fast access to everyone for transportation uran was. I hope that the decisions will be beneficial to our nation to come to our country. Karar

The price of the ceiling price app on the flight tickets

Answering the questions at the end of the meeting, Yildirim said that the price application to be applied to the flight tickets would be implemented after the Feast of Sacrifice. Minister Yıldırım, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, the average cost of a year to scan the domestic flights and issued an average price. All airlines were interviewed. The application will be implemented at the end of the holiday because bookings are made nowadays. When we put the ceiling, there is a risk of the ticket prices being sold at low prices. We aim to prevent opportunism by implementing the application that will relax our citizens. Biz

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