Railways Week Celebration Message from Mayor Ürgüp

Celebration Message of Railways Week from Mayor Ürgüp: Sivas Mayor Doğan Ürgüp published a congratulatory message for the Railways Week.

President Ürgüp, in his message; “In our country, the last week of September is celebrated as Railways Week every year. Railway transportation, which started in England in 1825 for the first time in the world, started to our country with the construction of the railway between İzmir Aydın in 1856. Cennetmekan A new era has opened in our country with the importance given to railways during the reign of Abdülhamit II. In the following years, especially during the War of Independence, railroads carrying weapons, supplies and soldiers to our fronts, and our veterans were transported to the rear of the front, and the railroads, with its strategic importance and logistic support, contributed to the War of Independence. kazanIt played a big role in our food,” he said.

Urgup said the following in his message:

Mes With the proclamation of the Republic, the importance given to our railways has increased. 1923 4559 kilometers in our country, while in 1940 8637 XNUMX km reached this length. Until now, the importance given to the railways has continued to increase day by day and our railways are renewed according to the conditions of the day and renewal continues. Today, railways are widely used as a fast and safe means of transportation in developed countries. In our country, especially in recent years, increasing number of high speed train projects is a correct and necessary investment. The contribution of railway workers who are self-sacrificing and self-sacrificing cannot be denied at the stage of railway transportation.

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