Turkish stamp to the third largest airport in Europe

The Turkish stamp on Europe's third largest airport: Turkish manager of Frankfurt Airport's Customer Services and Market Development Department, Akbulut said, “Turks have a big role behind the success”.

Celal Akbulut, the Turkish manager of the Frankfurt Airport Customer Services and Market Development Department, said: “We received the world's most progressive airport award for customer satisfaction. "The Turks have a great role behind this success."

In Eskişehir, where he came to attend an event, Akbulut told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he has been working at Frankfurt Airport, the largest airport in Germany and the third largest in Europe according to passenger traffic since 1992, and that he transferred to the management staff 13 years ago.

Akbulut explained that 57,5 airline companies from Frankfurt Airport, which hosted 107 million passengers last year, organized flights to 295 destinations in the world, and stated that Frankfurt Airport is the largest employer of Germany and that approximately 5 thousand of its employees are Turkish.

Emphasizing that Turkish personnel contributed greatly to the development of the airport, Akbulut said, “We received the world's most progressive airport award due to customer satisfaction. The Turks have a great role behind this success. This shows the success of our program, ”he said.

  • "We are almost fighting for the passenger"

Akbulut, referring to the competition in the aviation sector, said:

“There is always great competition in aviation around the world. We rank third in Europe after London and Paris airports. It is like we fight for the passenger. We want to further our service. We are launching new programs for this. Currently, everyone in aviation is trying to attract passengers with various programs. Now, the passenger is also a service picker. Passengers in Europe move to the airport with better service. If a company is not providing good service, it is not getting on its plane. Good service at the airport, no shuttle staff, if he has to wait for his suitcase for two hours, he doesn't want to fly from there. We have developed programs to reduce them to a minimum.

Source : I haber.rotahaber.co

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