A plan to develop Antalya's transportation system 20 annually

A plan was developed to develop the transportation system of Antalya in the 20 year: The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 15-20 prepared the Transportation Master Plan, which aims to develop the city's transportation system and has been working on it for two years.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 15-20 prepared the Transportation Master Plan, which aims to develop the city's transportation system and has been working on it for two years. Metropolitan Municipality Council also adopted the plan in the rail system, metrobus, bus, highway, parking lots, pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, special projects are suggestions.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Akaydın made a statement on the subject, the preparation of Urban and Near City Transportation Master Plan is an important step, he said. Indicating that the plan is the most important legal document that defines the transportation system of 15-20 over the years, the principles, policies and projects related to transportation.

Prior to the preparation of the plan, the transport system to identify problems and to develop solutions in the short term before the implementation of the Public Transport Project Akaydın said, said: As a final step, we have completed the Antalya Urban and Near City Transport Master Plan. This plan has been prepared with modern scientific techniques and approaches in harmony with and in conjunction with 1 / 50 bin and 1 / 25 bin Antalya Antalya Master Plans. The city is intended to be a more contemporary city with easier and sustainable transportation policies in the future. Kent

Akaydın, Antalya Urban and Near City Transportation Master Plan work in a unit created within the Metropolitan Municipality, technical personnel, provided with special software and hardware announced. Within the scope of the study, necessary software for transportation demand, estimation, simulation model was provided and computer simulation model of the city was established. Thanks to this model, traffic volumes of all the roads of the city have been estimated. The level of congestion in the road network was determined and solution alternatives were tested. As a result of the study, the development option which is accepted as Transportation Master Plan with the measurement of the transportation system behaviors of the city is completed. Now all updates and re-operations can be made by the unit created within the municipality. The public transport corridors, pedestrian and bicycle network, parking recommendations and the center of the city are designed to provide a more sustainable transportation system for the entire city.

Suggestions developed with the Transportation Master Plan of the 2030 Year are as follows:

Rail System: Extension of the Antray to Fatih high-speed railway station. High-speed train in the Fatih Station railway connection. High-speed train airport station railway connection and port rail connection in the rail system application.

Metrobüs: Serik Caddesi (in the Aksu corridor) EXPO, Metrobus in the crossroads, Centenary Metrobus, Dumlupınar Boulevard metrobus and application of Fatih-Dosemealti metrobus.

Bus: Meydan-Mevlana bus strip. Bus line of the centenary boulevard-Lara corridor. Bus line of Yüzüncü Yıl Boulevard - Konyaaltı corridor. Completion of the transition to the graded line system. Completion of transitions to the pools and implementation of new rural transfer centers (EXPO, Sarısu, Otogar).

Highway: The new Lara-Tedaş Boulevard, New Roads, Hal-Isparta Road corridor, five bridged intersections on Gazi Boulevard. envisioned, Dumlupınar Bulvari Bus terminal exit junction and Meltem Caddesi application of the entrance to the university entrance.

Parking lots: Superficial and multi-storey car parks around the city center.

Pedestrian: Center Public Transport Area Pedestrianization Projects, Pedestrian Islands Projects, Touristic Pedestrian Network Project, Akdeniz Boulevard Pedestrianization Project, Implementation of Kaleiçi Düden Pedestrian Facilities Project.

Bicycles: Bicycle paths and lanes, bicycle parking places, bicycle-based road projects, City Bike Project, Implementation of the Electric City Bike Project.

Motorcycle: Inspection of motorcycles in the central area and implementation of parking spaces around the center.

Special Projects: Zerdalilik-Liman touristic line and implementation of Zerdalilik-Lara touristic line.

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