Antalya has a transportation plan

Antalya has a transportation plan: Mustafa Akaydın: "We will see the blessings of the Transportation Master Plan from now on."
Mr. Mustafa Akaydın, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that he fulfilled his promise to make the Transportation Master Plan and said Master Antalya has a transportation plan. Transportation Master Plan will see the blessings from now on. Ulaşım

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akaydın met with the members of the Antalya Businessmen Association (ANTİAD) at breakfast. President Mustafa Akaydın with businessmen sohbet and answered their questions. Akaydın said that the Transportation Master and 1/25 thousand Master Zoning Plan, which passed by the Metropolitan Municipality Council in August, were very important and that he fulfilled his promises to make these plans.


President Akaydın said, pek Antalya does not have much problems in transportation compared to other metropolitan cities. New ways to solve the problems must be opened. The new road can be opened in Kırcami. We have done our best about Kircami. We now expect public interest from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. If we do what is happening in Kircami, the traffic will be solved significantly. Antalya does not need rail system in the near future. If the number of passengers does not exceed 12 at peak hour in the world, the rail system is not recommended. Today the preferred system is to use BRT. It is planned to carry 3,5 million passengers per month for the tram system. But now, there are 1.2 million passengers per month. He works with someone at 3 of the tram capacity, ”he said.


According to the 2030 year of the Master Plan of Transportation, Akaydın said that the rail system should be between Meydan Junction and Aksu, and said: ağı A significant population has been loaded for the year of 2030 between Fatih Mahallesi and Döşemealtı. It may need a rail system for years to come. There is a decrease in passenger demand since Antalya is located in a fringed area such as Aksu, Döşemealtı and Varsak. Antalya 2028 by rail system into the 152 million euros under the debt burden came under. We paid 22 million euros for this debt. It is not possible to pay this debt with the money from passengers. 15 must be paid from the municipal budget throughout the year. X


President Mustafa Akaydın stated that the public is satisfied with the revolution in transportation and said: şunlar We have made changes to the routes in order to use the light rail system more efficiently. We've removed many unnecessary routes. The number of passengers of the tram 10 thousand thousand thousand XinX output. She is very pleased with the red buses of the municipality. Red buses carry a thousand passengers 40. The red buses we take to 38 million euros are doing the 11 million-euro tram. The change in public transportation in Antalya was fast adepta. Antaly


Considering the significant reductions in air pollution in the city center with the changes made in transportation, Akaydın said, le I am conducting air pollution measurements. There is a fifty percent reduction in carbon monoxide gas from the exhaust gas in the city center. This study had a positive effect on air pollution. Some central points were passing the 70 line. The number of lines dropped to 15. Transportation Master Plan will see the blessings from now on. Ulaşım


President Mustafa Akaydın, who answered the questions of the businessmen about the bridge, said: an In terms of city planning, bridge crossings should be made to the roads passing through the city. With the bridge crossing to the city center, the next junction needs a bridge junction. In Antalya, the bridge must be built on the Gazi Boulevard. This road is at the disposal of the Highways. We wanted this way to make a crossroad to Gazi Boulevard but they did not give it to the Metropolitan. Then they said if you do the project of the Highways, we will give. With the project of the highways, you will not pass underground, and the road will pass from the 3 floor of the apartments. This can lead to a very ugly image in Antalya. Bu
President Mustafa Akaydın, with ANTİAD members for a while sohbet did. ANTİAD President İbrahim Güney thanked President Mustafa Akaydın for meeting with its members.

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