The source water in the station in Ankara could not stop

Founded in Ankara station, the source water could not stop a kind: Ankara Hurriyet, previously experienced "College's head in trouble with the water" brought to the agenda from the station of Ankaray'dan College water from a kind of durduralamadı.

During the construction of the ongoing escalator at Ankaray Kolej, the water coming out of the ground continues to flow for about a month.
The company received the staircase before the company with the 5 drainage pump Ziya Gokalp Street, giving the water to wait for the level to decrease. However, the water level did not decrease in the intervening time. Authorities then poured out the water into the sewer line and said, izasyon Now we will wait for the ground to be covered and the water will find its own direction. Then we will install the staircase and restore the station. Haline


The tradesmen and citizens who reacted to the works that have been going on for a month have used the following statements:
Eski About a month ago, the station flooded as a result of breaking a line that fed the old İncesu Creek. He was already on the leaks. In the intervening time, they gave the water to the road. Now they're trying to solve it by giving it to the sewer. It has been a long time. Now it is clear that this work must be resolved in consultation with experts. Otherwise, it'il be months if we wait until the water level drops. When the precipitation starts already, the level will increase even more.

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