Ankaray College station 2 flooded for days

Ankaray College station 2 has been flooded for days: ASTi Dikimevi metro line Ankaray College station 2 has been flooded for days. Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gokcek could not prevent the subterranean metro from being flooded.

College metro station municipality should be done many years ago, primarily for the elderly and disabled people to use the construction of escalators in the construction work for months. During these studies a digging at Ankaray College Station revealed everything.

He likened Izmir to Venice

After the flood in Izmir last year, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gokcek had beaten the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and compared Izmir to Venice. Now the same images, even rain in Ankara to be lived in mind brought the example of Venice.

ASKİ was incapacitated

The water pipeline that exploded during the escalator work has made the metro station unusable for two days. Workers in the subway construction stated that during the works a water burst was formed, they could not stop the water for two days, the running water was the spring water, but ASKİ (Ankara Water, Sewer Works) tried to find a cure for this, they were desperate and they drained a lot of water. College residents reported that they could not use the subway station, and that the water was cut in their homes and ASKI was incapable of intervention.

Gokcek had made the European capital

Water flowing day and night continuously, college residents, while trying to get the money from the municipality our backs, but the technology has evolved a shatter of water in the present day pity ... çalış, ız Gokcek even stop water can not stop, while we have made a European capital Ankara says Here is his work in the middle of the embarrassment tep voiced their reactions.

Metro employees, who prevented the video from being taken within the subway, declined to answer the questions. Citizens who can not use the subway station watching the scene with a look at the eyes of the others, some of the images shared with the residents of Ankara said they would share the social networking sites.

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