Ankara Metro does not tolerate music!

There is no tolerance to music in Ankara Metro: For couples who kissed last May; Young people playing guitar and singing were targeted in Ankara subway, where the announcement "Please act in accordance with the rules of ethics" was made! According to the news of Alican Uludağ from Cumhuriyet, the officer, who used the subway, stopped the train after the young people continued to music, despite the warning, after the three young people who took leave from the passengers sing along with the guitar yesterday evening.

The officer who came down from the cabin and said ım My friend is forbidden to play the guitar ve and called the security, had to step back when the passengers in the car supported the youth. Returning to music, the young people gave a mini concert to the last station accompanied by applause.

The incident took place yesterday evening. 19: 30 ranks three young people on the Ankara Metro going from Kızılay to the Batıkent line and asked the citizens for permission before they could play the guitar. Citizens did not say “no ine to evening music. Thereupon, three young people began to sing various songs with guitar. After a while the officer using the subway, "please do not speak loudly on the train, let's be quiet," he passed the announcement. Young people continued to music. At a stop, the door opened the door to the youth minister, a second warning announcement passed after moving the train.

As the young people continued to sing, the officer stopped the subway at Macunköy Station during the 19: 50 queues and radioed the security guard. The officer from the department that used the subway, "My friend is forbidden to play guitar," he gave the young people verbal warning. Three young people stated that no one complained, while the citizens said görev There is no problem for us görev. The official said there was a “complaint.. Citizens said that no one complained and said, “How nice they are playing. There was a discussion between the security guard and the youth who came to the department where the youth were. After the support of the youth, two officials stepped back and returned to their places. The songs played by the young people returning to their music, accompanied by applause of citizens. When the train stopped at the last station in Batıkent, one of the young people came to the officer using the subway and asked who was complaining. The officer said, “There is nothing for the self. The announcement came from the center. ”

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