Ankara Metro is working! Ankara Youth also do-DirenMusic

Ankara Metro is working! In Ankara Youth: The young people who kissed in the Ankara Metro in May, "do not comply with the rules of ethics" after the announcement of the young people kissing the same place in the past day, this time on the intervention of young people playing the guitar on Saturday, "DirenMusic action decided to do. Saturday 17: 30'da Ankara Metro Kızılay Ziya Gökalp Exit in the action that will take place this time young people, Ankara Büuyükşehir Municipality, "You want as much as you want, you can not prevent our freedom" will say.

4 stopped the train on the evening of the evening when the youngsters from the Ankara Metro warned the young people who made music after the permission of the passengers on the Ankara Metro. Upon the call by the attendant who stated that the music was forbidden in the subway, the passengers supported the youth and the mini-concert continued until the last station.

The passengers who are using the subway are not disturbed by the young people who make music, but they do not complain to the officials trying to intervene, the intervention was made at the request of the center said.

7 On Saturday, September 17: 30 called "Direnmusik" in the Red Crescent subway called the action "Come with your musical instruments".


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