Underpass Will Be Launched Soon

The Lower Passage Will Be Coming Soon: The construction of the underpass connecting Arifiye center with the Lower Kirazca Quarter came to an end.

Within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project, the renovation of the railway was completed and the Neviye District Level Crossing, Lower Kirazca and Toyota Hospital and the buses that were used for the villages were lifted and this caused the reaction of the citizens. For this reason, the TCDD is located in the Neviye neighborhood instead of the level crossing. While the construction of the underpass is in full swing, the underpass will be completed in a short time and will be put into service.

Arifiye Mayor İsmail Karakullukçu stated in his speech that hem It was closed within the level of High Level Railway Project (YHT) in Neviye Quarter which is very important for transportation of Arifiye Center and Villages. This led to the stopping of bus lines to the villages, which caused the reaction of our citizens. Construction of the underpass is about to be completed. In a short period of time, our citizens will be served. Our work continues at full speed for the overpass which will connect the villages with the center and make the parcel on the TEM Highway. When this is completed, Arifiye center within minutes of the hospital in the hospital from the Arifiye Center can be reached, Bu he said.

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