Where is Rizenin Teleferik Project?

rize cable car
rize cable car

Where is the Rize's ropeway project? Rise of the People's Party (HYP) Rize II President Muammer Öksüz, Rizef'nin very important in terms of the development of tourism and Rize Mayor Halil Bakırcısı promised during the candidacy of Rize Municipality Tram and Cable Car, said Rize President Muammer Rammer Ömer Özer, Rize Municipality said. President Halil Bakırcı stated that he did not fulfill his promises during the candidacy process.


Stating that the projects promised by Bakırcı in 2004 have not been realized, Öksüz said, “In the first period of the AK Party, the Mayor of Rize has commitments in Rize and these were not fulfilled. One of the commitments was the construction of the tram line between Fener and Bağdatlı Neighborhoods which will pass through Atatürk Street. Although the tram project was a project promised about 10 years ago, they never brought it up. ”


Öksüz said that Rize needs a bigger and more modern terminal and said, “Rize needs a bigger and more modern terminal. Mr. Halil Bakırcı, who was a candidate for Mayor of Rize in 2004 local elections, promised the citizen that he wanted to renovate the terminal building. He said that they will build a new terminal building in Rize. We see that there is not any project that has been initiated or even started on this issue. ”


Stating that another project is a ropeway project per mountain, HYP Provincial Chairman Öksüz said: lar They bring this up to the agenda like the airport, but I do not think that they take any step on this issue like the airport. So, is there such a study that we don't know? Other than that, the Salarha Tunnel 10-15 has been on the agenda of Rize for years. No steps have been taken yet, but we hear that it will be included in the ring road project. If it comes to life, the city traffic will be relieved. President H RİZE SUPPORT INVESTMENTS “Deputy Mr. Hasan Karal 'report on the airport and prepare a report to the Prime Minister' he has a statement.

We have repeatedly stated in written and oral form that we will support the AKP MP Mr. Hasan Karal as a party for all investments made in Rize. The work to be done for Rize Muammer is valuable for us. Therefore, Rize and the people of the region need to support the projects. There may be different political thoughts and different voices. But as HYP, we are ready to give political support to any initiative that will contribute to Rize's development.


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