Waste water will be used to produce trams with electricity

The trolley will produce electricity from waste water: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality mobilized the energy potential in its hands with the opening of the unlicensed electricity generation. Electricity produced from waste and treatment water will be transferred to rail lines and used in urban transportation. But due to the 1 megawatt (MW) limit applied for unlicensed production, it cannot activate all of the available electricity generation capacity. Municipal authorities, the authorities asked them to find a solution to this situation.

The story of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality producing electricity from existing water resources goes back 4 years. At that time, the municipality, which determines the energy potential to be obtained from the existing water resources, takes action to use the treatment plants, city network and idle water resources for this purpose. In this framework, it starts investments. However, the process does not work so easily. Some permissions must be obtained from the relevant institutions and organizations. In order to do this, he applied to the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) in 2009 to produce electrical energy from the waters he had. However, DSI states that the municipalities do not have the power to produce electrical energy and states that this investment cannot be realized. Upon this, it is decided to establish an energy company and an application is made to the Ministry of Interior. The request from the interior is not accepted due to the reason that "local governments are not given to start a company". Therefore, tens of 6 MW power plants installed for energy generation sleep until EMRA issues permission for unlicensed generation up to 1MW. Following this decision, a unit of 500 kilowatts (kw) starts operating.

Providing information about the process they live in and the point they have come from, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor. Eng. Mustafa Uysal, said that Turkey's energy resources to produce even the smallest need, "Renewable Energy Directorate General on the subject, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, reviewing the need for all treatment plants in Turkey. There is tremendous potential here, these are our resources. ” he spoke. Uysal stated that they have to divide their installed power into 1 kW power plants in order to comply with the regulation regarding unlicensed electricity production up to 500 MW. In this way, we could prevent a significant amount of imports, but we cannot do so as of now. We expect the new regulation to be published to be the solution to this situation. ” said.

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