The railroad in Çorum will be much better

Çorum me if railway will be much better: TSO Chairman Çetin Başaranhıncal, he said that no other province does so in need of Corum in Turkey railway.

The new board of directors of ÇORSİAD, which was formed under the presidency of Halis Durkaya, visited Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO).

During the visit, TSO President Çetin Başaranhıncal's 'How does Çorum from Ankara look like?' ÇORSİAD Board members, answering the question, despite the serious deficiencies experienced in the presentation Çorum said that it looks much better than yesterday, "the rail would be much better," he wished.

ÇORSİAD executives stated that this characteristic of Çorum, which is an industrial city, does not appear much from Ankara and therefore special attention should be given to the promotional activities. They stated that this situation is a serious deficiency written in Çorum.

Looking from Ankara, Çorum 'a province trying to roast their own oil' gives the image, but in Çorum very nice things that emphasize ÇORSİAD executives, Corum 's necessarily merged into the idea of ​​doing well.

Speaking during the visit, ÇORSİAD President Halis Durkaya stated that they will carry out much more effective activities in the capital city Ankara for the promotion of Çorum as the association. This is our basic goal as our association. We have started a new era as an association. As an association, we stand at an equal distance to all parties. Because there is no party and address of the money tur he said.

Expressing his pleasure for the visit, Çetin Başaranhıncal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TSO stated that they work in close cooperation and harmony with the Governor, the municipality, the political parties and all other institutions and organizations, adding that ın However, this adjustment in Çorum is not enough to overcome some of the things. After all, the decision-maker is Ankara. Sonuçta

Başaranhıncal emphasized that Çorum has a very important potential in tourism and agriculture besides the industry and this color is an important advantage for Çorum, but this situation brings with it a disadvantage such as the division of energy on sector basis by 3.

Başaranhıncal, who stated that there is a cold energy against Çorum in Ankara, stated that in order to eliminate this negative energy, the associations in Çorum and Ankara should work in unison and stated that en Çorum is living in Ankara close to 1 million but this situation is only paper stays on. üzerinde

Başaranhıncal stated that there is not a decline in Çorum, ın There is no decline in Çorum in every sense. Progress is progressing, but this progress is a bit slow, İler he said.

The chief of TSO Çetin Başaranhıncal, who also made a statement on the railroad which is one of the main problems of Çorum, said:

"Corum in Turkey in the first place that needs so no province Railway. We see the railway as a must for Çorum, which is close to the port and capital city of Ankara.

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