The closure of Alsancak Port does not benefit anyone

Closing the Alsancak Port does not provide any benefit to anyone: TCDD İzmir Alsancak Port Operations Manager Turan Yalcin, CEO of Socar Turkey Kenan Yavuz said that the opposite of the investments made suggestions.

TCDD İzmir Alsancak Port Operation Manager Turan Yalçın stated that it would not be beneficial for anyone to close the Alsancak Port to the cargo ships. Yalcin, Socar Turkey Kenan Yavuz, CEO of the recently closed the Izmir Alsancak Port's passenger cargo vessels to the proposal only be used as a port Maritime Chamber of Commerce Izmir Branch has responded in the council meeting.

Projects in progress
Turan Yalçın said, “300 million dollars has been invested in the port, where the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Binali Yıldırım promised to invest 80 million dollars. The rhetoric of 'close the port' is in contradiction with the investment plans. These rhetoric upset us as port workers. Asphalt paving of 35 thousand square meters is in question within the port. Studies are being carried out for the traffic order. The revision of a crane is currently underway. The revision of all cranes ends by the end of the year. 40 workers were taken to the port, and 20 more will be taken. "A tender will be held for the purchase of 35 points," he said. Stating that Yıldırım gave life to the port, Yalçın emphasized that the statements regarding the closure of the port at the stage of continuing investments are inversely with the spirit of the investment. Yalçın said, “The closure of Alsancak Port will not benefit anyone, especially private port operators.”

Ozturk: ​​Let's put the last point in this discussion
DTO İzmir Branch President Yusuf Öztürk, who wants to put an end to the discussions about whether İzmir Alsancak Port will be closed or not, said, “Alsancak is a historical port. There are difficulties in being a state port, but these will be overcome. The port has been working hard for years. Let's talk about the need to open new ports in 2023 instead of talking about closing a port in a country targeting 1 trillion dollars of foreign trade. Today, we are handling 705 thousand TEU containers in Alsancak. 430 thousand TEU cargo was handled in two ports in Aliağa. The amount of cargo handled is constantly increasing. The customers of every new port we make are already ready. ”

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