The Viking Train will leave until the end of the year

Viking train will depart by the end of the year: Viking Train Lithuania and Turkey signed a protocol for the combined freight transport done under the project

Lithuania and Turkey, the Viking Train protocol envisaging cooperation in the project of combined freight transport, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has been signed between the Lithuanian Railways. In his speech at the signing ceremony, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said that they took an important step for combined freight transportation between Lithuanian Railways and TCDD. For two days in Turkey Lithuanian Railways General Manager Stays Dailydka and his delegation thanking Karaman, in cooperation with TCDD in the last decade combined transport and international blocs of countries railway administrations on the trains that carry new and original projects were understood. Month mutual thousand block train, countries and intercontinental freight corridors are created that expresses Karaman, "Banda-Tekirdag-Germany BALL, and Samsun-Kafkaz, we have created an international sea-rail corridors over the Black Sea as Turkey and Russia in the case. We are making plans to add new ones, ”he said.
Stating that they have realized the original examples of combined transportation realized with the cooperation of highway, railway and seaway, Karaman said: “The Viking Train, whose details we talked about yesterday and today, is one of them. Until today, we unfortunately could not go to the land of the Vikings, and they could not come to our country, they do not only come to our country anymore, they also bring their cargo to our country by train and we will take our cargo by train. With the Viking Train project, the containers that will be brought to ODESA port from Lithuania by following the Belarusian and Ukraine corridor will be loaded on the ships and transported to our ports of Samsun, Derince, Bandırma, Haydarpaşa, İzmir, Mersin and İskenderun. From here, it will be transported to the country, Middle East and Central Asian countries by TCDD trains. Again, cargoes coming from the Middle East and Central Asia will go to Lithuania with the same corridor and system and from there will be distributed to the Baltic countries and Europe. Here, we evaluated a second Viking Train corridor together. Loads Lithuania-Belarus-Ukraine railway Romania-Bulgaria-Turkey-Istanbul train will follow the corridor, home to the Middle East and Central Asian countries will be transported by railway TCDD. The same corridor will work mutually. "
- It will bring the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea together
Stating that the Viking Train is not only an example of combined transportation, it is not only a block train, Karaman also stated that it is a good example of the north-south, Baltic-Black Sea-Marmara-Mediterranean meeting. Karaman said, “We have done the necessary work on this. We determined our road map together. We signed the cooperation protocol today. I wish the Viking Train project to be beneficial to our countries and the countries of the region ”. General Manager of Lithuanian Railways, Dailydka, thanked everyone who contributed, especially the presidents of the two countries and their relevant ministers. Pointing to the importance of the project, Dailydka said, "Now is the time to eliminate the problems in front of it and to gain more benefits by developing the project." After the speeches, Karaman and Dailydka signed the cooperation protocol. While Karaman presented a tile painting to Dailydka, Dailydka gave Karaman a model of a locomotive made of Lithuanian gold. Dailydka invited Karaman to Lithuania to examine the railway infrastructure.
Viking Train is planned to start its flights by the end of the year.

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