Turkey's Samsun Logistics Base Happening

Samsun, Turkey's Logistics Base Happening: Samsun Trade and Industry Chamber (TSO) President Salih Zeki Murzioğl, telling the city's charm may seem loses its commercial character from the past that brought gradually replaced again, "Samsun, Turkey is becoming the logistics base," he said.

Samsun, towards being proceeds on the other hand logistics center towards industrialization in agriculture on the one hand the important steps that tells the attigi TSO President Salih Zeki Murzioğl, the establishment in the city of Turkey is one of the planned five logistics centers, he said, will become. Stating that Samsun is a tourism and industrial city dating back 5 thousand years, Murzioğlu said, “There is a sense of trade coming from the past. Even though Samsun seems to lose its commercial character of the past, it is gradually fulfilling its charm again. It is taking firm steps towards becoming a logistics center. Samsun is one of the rare provinces with four transportation axes. It is on the edge of the Black Sea and the door to the north. We are facing a virgin Russia. Another logistical feature of Samsun is that it has three ports. We first prepared the master plan for the logistics center in Samsun. We saw that it is the right center. Criteria such as rail, road, proximity to the port and proximity to the airport were required. It was found in Samsun ”.

Reminding that Samsun has 5 organized industrial zones and 17 small industrial sites, TSO President Murzioğlu said, “We are a pilot region in the production of surgical instruments and medical instruments. Samsun was included in the cluster model given by the government to five cities. In addition, shopping malls and call centers have started to be established recently. 3 5-star and 4 4-star hotel projects continue. All these things contribute directly to employment. In Samsun, there are opportunities in terms of tourism as well as industry. We have a ski center in Akdağ and hot springs in Havza. Day skiing, night spa facilities are available. We have such a center. We started a campaign called 'Green Journey' starting from Samsun to Artvin. Master plan has been prepared. We will gradually announce this to the world. Also, we have two universities, one of which is foundation. Over a thousand foreign students are also being educated in our city ”.

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