Istanbul city transportation system for 2020 Olympics is ok

2020 Istanbul urban transport systems for the Olympics right: Turkey's National Olympic Committee, unveiled at a press conference in Istanbul with a meeting in Buenos Aires. If the 2020 Olympics were handed over to Istanbul, the questions of the press were answered at the meeting, where the Olympic village, transportation and accommodation projects were introduced.

In the meeting where the press invitation was made with the motto edi We are writing history Kom, Hasan Arat, the President of Istanbul 2020 Nomination Committee, said that Istanbul had every opportunity to host the 2020 Olympics. Metrobüs, light tram, throat tube gate, metro, such as the transportation possibilities of Istanbul after a video show that talked in the passage of the Bosphorus, the passage of thousands of years of Silk Road dream of the tube was alive, he said. Hasan Arat said that Istanbul had every opportunity to host the 2020 Olympics. Metrobüs, light tram, Bosphorus tube crossing, such as the metro transportation facilities of Istanbul, followed by a video show that talked after the passage of the Bosphorus in the Bosphorus, thousands of years of Silk Road dream was alive, he said.

Hasan Arat made important statements after the meeting to Dogan News Agency (DHA). The headlines of the interview with Arat are as follows:

- What do you think Istanbul's luck is?
-Istanbul is a very important candidate, you will see this in the coming days.

- Argentina and the world press talk about Tokyo being the city with the most chance. What do you think about it most?
- Istanbul is a city of surprises and beauties throughout the history. This candidacy came from Istanbul. He had very important changes. It is very important to be here in the finals. In order to get this final, the whole team is already in a very busy work. We came here to succeed, hopefully we will succeed.

- What do you think about Buenos Aires? 600 people are talking about the future, it is said to be a disturbance in Turkey on this issue.
- I don't know how many people are coming, but our committee is not in the figures. The most important part of our delegation is the athletes, and there is also a crowded delegation. Because the Japanese are here with very big numbers, the Spanish are the same. It is important to represent our country here, and it is important that those who come have the most weight. We're here with a good delegation, but I don't know what the general number is. I may have come from different directions, but I know there's an 100 person on the board. So there will be only 100 people in the presentation hall.

- The Minister of State in charge of the European Union, Egemen Bagis, said Bağ If we didn't get the Olympics, it was the crime of the travelers -A. Do you agree with the Minister? What would be the impact of Gezi protests on Istanbul's candidacy?
-Olimpiyat candidate within the framework of all kinds of things can be experienced constantly. Similar things can happen on this next 4-5 day. IOC members will understand this when you are cold-blooded and explain your situation with all sorts of clarity. Indeed, these games will be held after seven years. IOC members have the experience to understand this very well.

- At the previous press conference, we have e zero tolerance ”to doping. We will no longer tolerate doping events in any way şekil. Do you have to bring the tennis player Çağla Büyükakçý? Because when you have European champion athletes, choosing Çağla Hanım is the first step in this mentioned ark white page Çünkü?
- It's very true. Çağla and his friends will be here. Turkey has to sail a brand new future. Therefore, it is not necessary to put the same things in the same case. But as our principle is er changed lendir here, we have appointed the future athletes as our representatives here.

The 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the choice of the host city, and with the screens to be set up in Sultanahmet Square, tens of thousands of sports will be watched. The area where the elections will be watched will be established at the end point for the 2020 intercontinental marathon. Domestic and foreign sports fans are expected to fill the area from the first hours of the evening. Istanbul, in case of obtaining the honor to host the Games 2020, this will be a historic moment for Turkey and the region. The IOC's 125. Turkey hour session with a live broadcast from 22: 00 will begin, 22 decision will be released at 30.

Speaking at the Buenos Aires Istanbul 2020 Nominations Committee Chairman Hasan Arat, he gave the following statements: "We may be thousands of kilometers away from our country, but we feel that we take together with the hearts of our citizens in Turkey. The area to be built in Sultanahmet Square will allow us to live together with us. As we enter the last level in our Olympic marathon, it is our greatest wish that tens of thousands to fill Sultanahmet Square will shout joy with us at the finish line as they will do when they meet the marathon runners in the same area seven years later. Turkey waited for this moment too. Our people's 94 supports our candidacy. If you get the honor of hosting the Games, you will see the celebrations that will last for weeks. We will hear the screams of joy from Sultanahmet from Buenos Aires.

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