President Recep Altepeden Cable Car Review

President Recep Altepeden Cable Car Comment: The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe said about the work on the ropeway and said: ü We are trying to raise the Sarıalan stage of the cable car up to 29 October. So far, there was no deviation. I hope that the people of Bursa will be renewed with the new cable car in October and 29 will be increased by 12. They won't wait long. There were a few cases about cutting wood. Of course his case will be finalized. If you need to build a cable car to go to Uludag, the trees below it need to be cut. This is normal. Otherwise, if you want to expand the road, you will cut the trees along the edge along the 35 mile. There are 300 meters of trees to be cut. He searched the 4 mileage and remained on his 300 meter. This service is given in the world how we are doing the same application nasıl said.

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