3. airport project start date

  1. airport project start date: Reminding that the initial contract was made at the new airport to be built in Istanbul, Yıldırım said that the contract to be signed after the contract detail negotiations will be submitted to the ministry's approval.

Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım emphasized that the conditions of the site delivery at the new airport are being met, Yıldırım said: “Site delivery has several conditions. The land must be delivered to them cleanly. As you know, there is a forest area. There are a number of allocations here. At the same time, some of them are mine sites. There are 14 companies that have the right to mine. Interviews are held with them. They state that they have some rights. Our friends are doing what is and what is not in these meetings, and a compromise will be made according to these determinations. After we solve all the problems with everything, we will make the delivery of the place so that the contractor company starts to work. Otherwise, the business continues with constant problems. For this reason, it is difficult to give a date, but our goal is to complete the work at the end of the year, at the latest in the first quarter of next year, and actually start work.

Explaining that Ordu-Giresun and Hakkari airports will be opened in the short term, Yıldırım said, “In the medium term, several airports may be added to this. Survey studies of these are done. It is not right to say which ones and where they will be. Because the work is too raw. When it matures, we will share it with the public. When we achieve these, we will have completed the 2023 targets before we reach 2023 ”.

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