1 million 600 passenger in the public transportation of Izmir

1 million 600 thousand passengers: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality collects the fruits of its investments in public transportation.

Encouraging public transport with the free transfer system, the Metropolitan Municipality reached the 1 million passenger destination in a short time and raised the bar further. 500 September 16 where schools were opened On Monday, the number of passengers transported by sea and land reached 2013 million 1 bin 508. Last year, the 214 1 433 111 XNUMX passengers were moved on the day the schools were opened.

The biggest increase in the number of passengers this year was in İZBAN. İZBAN, which had 2012 thousand 158 passengers on the day schools opened in 143, carried 194 thousand 199 passengers this year. The increase was also experienced in the bus and metro. Metro increased the number of passengers from 171 thousand 815 to 195 thousand 735, ESHOT and IZULAS from 1 million 65 thousand 422 to 1 million 80 thousand 561. Stating that they expect the number of daily passengers carried to exceed 1 million 600 thousand with the opening of universities, the Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the public transportation system in İzmir is getting stronger as the transfer system is free and the number of passengers in the rail system increases day by day. The authorities also underlined that with the increase in the public transportation share in transportation, both private vehicle traffic and their negative effects on the environment will decrease and a serious economic gain will be achieved.

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