Zonguldak Platform warned of death path

Zonguldak Platform warned of death path: Zonguldak Platform reminded the report of the Minister and his deputies.

Zonguldak Platform, Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, the report given to the "Death way" as the so-called Filyos coast road may cause greater accidents, he stressed.

After the cancellation of the rail services, Zonguldak has stated that there are warnings about the continuation of the train services to Zonguldak-Filyos. SözcüOsman Sav especially emphasized that the company working on the route with the railway authorities has misinformed.

The Zonguldak Platform, which draws attention to the danger of un death way çeken in the report given to the Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım and Zonguldak MPs, who came to the groundbreaking ceremony of the Mithatpaşa Tunnel, stated that the 140 Non-Governmental Organization that it holds within the body will follow the problem as before. he stressed.

Zonguldak Platform that draws attention to the fact that the collected 40 thousand signatures were collected not only for the Mithatpaşa Tunnel but also for the coastal road to the town of Filyos. Sözcüsü Osman Sav, ğu Zonguldak Platform, which is composed of 140 Non-Governmental Organization, which has the most sensitivity to Zonguldak problems, requested the implementation of the Mithatpaşa Tunnel Project due to three main reasons. These; Zonguldak's breathing in traffic care, to provide easy access to our investors, with a large number of accidents, 'Death way' is the name of the Filyos coastal road is the purification of this danger. We emphasized that the Filyos coastal road should be completed as soon as possible, especially in our report. Now we warn you again. Soon the schools' opening of the student service with the processing of vehicle traffic will increase the 'way of death' will become a 'Nightmare' way. It is our biggest wish to find a solution and not to have much bigger accidents..

Zonguldak Platform, indicating that the authorities warned that accidents could occur when the train departs. SözcüSü Osman Sav said, erek The company, which took care of the train line, started the maintenance work between Filyos and Karabük, but also started the maintenance on the Zonguldak-Filyos route and closed this route to passenger flights. After the Zonguldak Platform warns the authorities about the people's concern, Zonguldak-Filyos will be opened by the authorities after a short period of time to turn back the demand for the opening of the card by the authority of the authority of the public at certain times we offer the opening of the line. If we do not take lessons from this accident and not understand the gravity of the incident and take artificial measures, we will not stop the deaths but increase them. Therefore, we reiterate the suggestion that we have brought from the property supervisor to the political authority; Train runs between Zonguldak and Filyos when working between Fillyos and Karabuk. During this time, the Filyos coastal road should be made and healthy. After the construction of the road, the construction of the railway between Filyos and Zonguldak was started. Yol

Minister Binali Yildirim and Zonguldak MPs Ozcan Ulupinar and Ercan Candan'a Zonguldak Platform delivered to the report on the Filyos coast were given the following statements:

Ası Zonguldak Platform is the solution for the urban traffic problem that becomes chronic and increases with increasing day by day, and because of the fatal accidents, the “Death way olm is used to provide a healthy structure for the Filyos seaside road and for the businessmen who want to invest in the region. With the Mithatpaşa Tunnel, we organized a signature campaign to make the route up to Filyos. With an unprecedented support in the history of Zonguldak, approximately 40 thousand signatures were collected and received the support of the press, the public and the politicians. About 38 annual Mithatpaşa Project has started to be realized with your interest. We hope that the road to the town of Filyos will take our breath in Zonguldak and our traffic will be provided to our investors and the Filyos coastal road which is named as ul Death way iyle will be avoided.

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