The construction of the YHT road was the ordeal of Herekel

The construction of the YHT road was the suffering of Herekel. Hereke was one of the most vulnerable. Many important places in the town of Hereke dust remained in the soil. YHT needs to start trial flights in September. The contractor therefore accelerated the work. Hereke'da 2 overpass in the beach within the scope of work was demolished. Citizens' connection to the coast was broken. They have to cross the center of the area where they are working to get to the beach. The inhabitants of the region said, ç How much will we attract this ordeal? The contractor is working very sloppy and indifferent. They destroyed the 2 overpass. It would be easy for the citizen to reach the beach, if at least one of them wasn't destroyed. But the YHT contractor destroyed all overpasses at the same time. We want this to be completed as soon as possible. We want to take a sigh of relief. Rahat

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