YHT makes cities the suburb of each other

YHT makes cities a suburb of each other: Makes cities a suburb of each other. Mızırak, who explained that YHT prepared an environment for technological development while revealing work efficiency in a city, noted: “High speed train, not only time saving or comfortable transportation of passengers. It is not preferred because it provides the opportunity. High-speed train brings the cities it reaches to the top in the hierarchical order with economic I activities. In particular, the high-speed train, which connects and closes cities and makes them suburbs, will sometimes make cities complementary to each other. High-speed trains, which continue their investments alongside the YHT lines, will have carried nearly 3 million passengers from one place to another in 5 to 25 hours. This will have a huge economic advantage. It will make a significant contribution to the economy, tourism and culture. High-speed train lines will prepare the environment that will change the fate of Anatolia.

Source : I www.gazeteaxnumx.co

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