Yaltada cable car failure: 76 person stranded in the air

Yaltada ropeway failure: 76 is stranded in the air: 76 has been stranded due to a technical failure in the cable car serving the Mishor-Ay Petri route in the Yalta city of the Crimean Autonomous Republic of Ukraine.

The rescue operation of the 76, which was stranded at different heights on the cable car which was suddenly stopped due to malfunction, resulted in success.

11 On Sunday, 15.40 waters reported that the rescue troops were moving to the scene on the news of the fault. The team of climbers saved the 13 child with its special equipment and the child 76. Rescuers stranded by the rescue crews were reduced from individual cabins.

The 76 of the 35 hanging from the cable car has a height of 50 meters, and the 40 has watched horror-filled hours at an altitude of 130 to 140.

Medical and psychological support was given to the rescued people as soon as they landed. Later, the mountaineers helped the survivors to get off the mountain with the help of the rope line they established in the forest.

The length of the gondola that serves all year round in the Mishor-Ay Petri line is 2 bin 980 meters. There are three stations on the ropeway. The 15 folds the entire distance in a passenger compartment. Passenger cabin weight 1 800 40 weight and the capacity of the XNUMX person is specified.

Source : I www.haberxnumx.co

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