Vice President of Logistics Association Dr. More professionals named Mehmet Tanyaş

Vice President of Logistics Association Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş: Vice President of Logistics Association Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, said that Turkey made the 16 grain logistics base, "Turkey's annual 500 billion dollars export target for the current logistics infrastructure with the capture is not possible. In order to achieve the export target, the infrastructure of the logistic infrastructure, namely railway and port, should be improved. İhracat

The training program on düzenlen Supply Chain Management “organized by the Cluster Center of Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry has started.

In his speech at the training program organized for the representatives of Çorum Cluster Center stakeholders and members, Maltepe University International Trade and Logistics Management Department Head and Logistics Association (LODER) Vice President Prof.Dr. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, importance of logistics, differences between transportation, product-load relationship, transportation, storage, logistics and basic logistics activities, customer service level, logistics costs, concept of logistics management, general trends in logistics, outsourcing and 3PL, increase efficiency in logistics , supply chain, supply chain management solutions.

The basis of logistics, 'the lowest cost with the highest service performance' logic is formed that expresses Professor. Dr. Tanyaş touched on the importance of transportation costs in logistics. Transportation via container is less costly than pallet. Currently the world is moving towards container transportation; 50 is currently provided by container in the world. In our country, since the rail and port infrastructure is not very developed, road transportation is used more heavily. As rail and port infrastructures evolve, their use will become widespread in our country. Demiryolu

Currently 5 percent of rail transportation in Turkey by road also pointed out that the 91 percent Prof. Dr. In Europe, Tanyaş pointed out that railway transportation is around 44.

The government said that the last 3-4 has given importance to the railway infrastructure for years, adding that the railway infrastructure allocates more budget to the highway.

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