Master Pen Visits Taha Akyoldan Railways

Master Kalem Taha Akyoldan Visit to Railways: Journalist-Writer Taha AKYOL participated in the documentary film entitled "Unknown Lausanne and the Lausanne Agreement Before and After the 20th Anniversary" on 2013 August 90 at the Atatürk Residence and Railways Museum in Ankara Station.

Akyol, the first time after the Battle of Sakarya in the Acceptance Hall signed the Treaty of Ankara with France and the withdrawal of the Syrian border is determined in this venue, he said.

Akyol visited the Museum, also known as the Historical Steering Building, and examined the historical wagon Atatürk used during his domestic trips.

After the shootings, Milliyet Newspaper Columnist visited TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman in his office and received information about the current and new high-speed train projects.

After the visit, the General Manager Karaman presented Akyol with a Serkisof brand railway pocket watch.

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