YHT line will change the fate of Turkey's Anatolia

YHT line will change the fate of Turkey's Anatolia: High-speed Railway's (YHT) Regional Economy on MML is' author of Assoc. Dr. Zekeriya Mızrak stated that the existing structures of the cities will change for fast transportation opportunities and said, “High Speed ​​Train lines will prepare the environment that will change the fate of Anatolia”.

Necmettin Erbakan University Secretary General, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Assoc. Dr. Zechariah Spear, AA correspondent, said that Turkey's YHT lines behind the developed countries in the prevalence of the rankings.
health areas including the economy of Turkey met with the YHT, significant mobility in the field of culture and tourism began Spear noted that, with Turkey's new transportation and infrastructure, said the leap to live with cities and regions.

Turkey in the first book on the benefits of high-speed train Spear, indicating that he wrote Zechariah, "yht'n the Regional Economic Effects of our research we have seen the effects of the high-speed train applications worldwide. We have examined how the cities connected by high-speed trains have changed socioeconomically. ”

Stating that YHT will minimize regional disparities, Mızrak said that the high-speed train will increase the labor market, employment and growth in Anatolian cities.

Stating that he examined the Konya-Ankara YHT line as an example, Mızrak said: “This line was put into service and made a great contribution to Konya in the field of tourism, education and culture. It still continues to contribute with an increasing momentum. Konya has gained momentum on the way to become a university city, as it allowed academics to come from YHT, Ankara and Eskişehir. Domestic tourism potential increased between Konya-Ankara and Ankara-Eskişehir. We can see the great contribution of the high speed train to Konya in terms of tourism even at this stage. ” he spoke.

“YHT will strengthen the socioeconomic structure of cities”

Stating that the socio-economic and cultural structure of cities has changed with transportation, Mızrak continued as follows:

“YHT will reshape the existing structure of the cities and change the intercity hierarchical ranking with the rapid transportation opportunities it provides. It is obvious that the regions where infrastructure investments are stronger are more open to socioeconomic change. YHT will mobilize the potential of regions and cities. YHT increases the current power of the city it reaches, reveals its competitive advantages with other cities. Provinces with this advantage can thus become a regional center of attraction. ”

Makes cities suburban

Stating that YHT reveals work efficiency in a city, Mızrak said that they are preparing an environment for technological development.

“High speed train is not preferred because it provides only time saving or convenient and comfortable transportation for its passengers. High-speed train brings the cities it reaches to the top in hierarchical order with its economic activities. In particular, the high-speed train that connects the cities by connecting them together and making each other a suburb will sometimes make the cities complementary to each other. High-speed trains, which continue their investments alongside the YHT lines, will have carried nearly 3 million passengers from one place to another in 5 to 25 hours. This will have a huge economic advantage. It will contribute significantly to the economy, tourism and culture. High-speed train lines will prepare the environment that will change the fate of Anatolia.

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