With the examination of the General Directorate of TÜDEMSAŞ, the staff will receive non-paid staff, IT Assistant Specialist and Assistant Inspector

Undersecretariat of Defense Industries, Information Technology and Communication Authority, TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate will take the staff with unanimous contracted staff, IT Expert Assistant and Assistant Inspector.
Undersecretariat of Defense Industry 27 staff will receive an unpaid contracted staff member by oral exam, while TUBEMSAŞ General Directorate 1 assistant inspector and Information Technology and Communication Authority 24 informatics assistant will receive written and oral exam.
The announcement related to the recruitment of unrequited contract personnel, information specialist assistant and assistant inspector to the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, Information and Communication Technologies Authority and Information Technologies and Communication Authority was published in the Official Gazette.
According to the announcement, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries will receive 27 staff unrequited contract staff with an oral examination to be employed in subjects requiring special knowledge and specialization. 17 Group A (Quality Test and Certification Specialist / Information Management Specialist / Project Engineer) position, 10 Group C (Executive Assistant) position to be employed in the staff unpaid contract staff will be recruited. The exam will be held until the end of working hours on Tuesday, September 10. Examination will be done by interview method.


Information Technology and Communication Authority, written and oral to be 24 IT Specialist will take the exam. Applications will be made between 2-6 September.
Candidates who are eligible to take the entrance exam will be given the written exam first. Written exam, 29 will be held on September. Candidates who are eligible to take the oral exam will have to submit the documents they need to submit to the institution at the latest on the date of the oral exam. Candidates must take at least 3 points to be successful in written and oral exams.


Inspection Board of TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate will receive 1 assistant inspector with written and oral examination. Applications will be held until the end of working hours on Monday October in 21.
According to the announcement; Candidates must score 117 or higher from the KPSS P70 section, while the top 20 candidates will also be among the conditions. Applications will be made until the end of office hours on Monday, October 21. The entrance exam will be in two stages, written and oral. In order to be deemed to have succeeded in the written exam, each of the grades taken from the written exam groups other than foreign language should not be less than 60 and the average of not less than 65. Written exam is on 26-27 October 2013 (Saturday-Sunday) and Foreign Language exam; It will be held on October 26, 2013.

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