You Can See The Rock Of The Quarry (Second)


The Stone Quarry Explosion in Geyv was Displayed Second by Second: A worker disappeared under the rocks while a worker was injured in a dynamite explosion in the quarry, where stones were extracted to be used on the High Speed ​​Train line in a quarry owned by a private company operating in the Akıncılar village of Sakarya's Geyve district. While Kamuran Tan, president of the Association for the Protection and Sustenance of the Akıncı Village Waterfalls, recorded the explosion in seconds, the fear and panic he experienced was reflected in the cameras.

Today, at the 15.00 ranks, the explosion was carried out with the permission of Sakarya Police Department. However, with the explosion of the explosion of rocks on a large noise was overturned on the work machines. Ramazan Özuçar, one of the workers who worked in the stove, was saved as wounded and Ismail Fethi Tandoğan was lost under the rocks.

The worker injured in the explosion was taken to Sakarya Training and Research Hospital with 112 ambulance. Firefighters and search and rescue teams were dispatched to the region. While the site workers prevented journalists from entering the site where the explosion occurred, Kamuran Tan, the head of the Akıncı Village Waterfalls Protection and Sustenance Association, filmed the explosion with a camera.

The bomb expert and the retired police Kumaran Tan describes the horror and panic he experienced after the explosion in the camera records, and the explosion and fumes surrounding the explosion are visible. Kamuran Tan, who recorded the explosion, said he was detonating an explosive device near the 2,5 ton.

Kevser Ertürkise, another witness of the explosion; “With the explosion suddenly a dust cloud came. I said the world has come to an end. We lost each other with my brother at the foot of the same hazelnut tree. Then the shouts came out. When we got on the pole, we realized that there were people under the stove. While research was ongoing in the area to find the fireman İsmail Fethi Tandoğan, who disappeared after the explosion, the quarry workers did not allow the journalists to enter the construction site and shoot images and shots. "


After the explosion, Sakarya Governor Mustafa Büyük said that the explosives were used in the standard unit in the permit received today when the explosion occurred. Governor the Great; “With the leave on Friday, there was an explosion on Saturday. It was built today with the permission received today. Today, 30 kilograms of dynamite and 300 kilograms of anfo and 52 campules were used. This is the statement made to us before the explosion. Despite this, we are investigating whether too much explosive is used. " said.

Governor of the big explosion last month last month on charges of opposition to the environmental law 38 a thousand pounds were given a fine, he said.

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