İZBANda Transmission Execution Ends

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In IZBAN, the transference ends: In IZBAN, the transference is going to end on Sunday.

In this way, the people of İzmir will have the opportunity to transfer more quickly and efficiently.

Turkey's largest urban rail mass transit system izban after the Halkapınar Izmir Hilal, the second intersection with Metro Transfer Station will be opened on Sunday, August 4. The train journey between Sirinyer and Konak will be reduced to approximately 9 minutes thanks to the station which will make it easier for İZBAN passengers coming from Cumaovası direction to go to Konak direction by using İzmir Metro. The passengers coming from İzmir Metro and Konak will also have a significant time advantage in the transportation to the south.

With the launch of the Hilal Transfer Station, the passengers arriving in Cumaovası will be able to transfer to Hilal without going to Alsancak and Halkapınar, while providing a significant time for the passengers and reducing the density in Halkapınar. Thanks to its critical location, Hilal Transfer Station will make it easier for passengers to reach Izmir Fair, Kahramanlar, Military Branch, Hilal District and Yenisehir on foot.
İZBAN General Manager Sabahattin Eriş and İzmir Metro General Manager Sönmez Alev stated in their joint statement about Hilal Transfer Station that the station was an important milestone in İzmir's public transportation system and that the distances in İzmir started to decrease rapidly.

İZBAN General Manager Sabahattin Eriş reminded that the journey between Şirinyer-Konak lasted about 30 minutes before, al Thanks to Hilal Transfer Station, our passengers will be able to transfer directly to İzmir Metro without wasting time on their way to Alsancak and Halkapınar Müdür. İzmir Metro General Manager and İZBAN Deputy General Manager Sönmez Alev emphasized that a new step was taken every day of the Great Transportation Plan in İzmir and said, Ulaşım We make public transportation in İzmir as important as breathing but a low awareness and easy action. . . Hilal Transfer Station is one of the most important steps of this target, Hil he said.


Alsancak Station will be re-opened simultaneously with the Hilal Transfer Station. Alsancak Station, one of the most widely used stations in İZBAN, was closed to operation on 11 November 2012 due to construction works of Hilal Transfer Station and Kahramanlar-Akıncılar highway underpass built by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. While all the work was completed in the last period, Alsancak Station was also renewed significantly.


The second major revision in Halkapınar will start immediately after the operation of Hilal Transfer Station. In the first place, the width of the south bridge from 1.80 to 7 meters, the passengers of Izmir Metro and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which facilitates the bus transfer, will begin the expansion of the existing transfer bridge in the south. The existing bridge with 2.60 meter width will be expanded to 6 meters and covered with 6. Thus, a faster and more efficient transfer between İZBAN and İzmir Metro will be provided in Halkapınar.


The Gulf Yunus train sets, which are under construction in South Korea, will start to be in Izmir from the first quarter of 2014. 40 trains will be added to the fleet. Thanks to the arrival of the 83 set and plans to be made, the frequency of voyages in İZBAN will be reduced to one in a minute and thus one of the steps of the Great Transportation Plan in İzmir will be taken.


In Torbalı, where the works for the extension of the 80 kilometer İZBAN line have started, the station and the signaling works on the one hand and on the other hand continue. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Develi, Tekeli, Pancar, Kuşçuburun, Torbalı and Tepeköy 6 station with highway crossings, while TCDD in this region is working on the renewal of the signaling system and regulation of the signaling system. With the activation of the Torbalı line, İZBAN will be the 110 for the first time. Immediately after the extension of the line to the north will be pressed to work. Line length Selcuk and 145, Pergamum will go up to the 185 kilometers. With the activation of the Manisa line, İZBAN will have a line length of exactly 210 kilometers.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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