Topbaş puts a spy ear on Metrobusa

Topbaş is paying attention to the Metrobus: Topbaş records everything inside and outside the bus for 5 days. If an incident occurs, a system has been established that can be examined by the necessary police units upon complaint. He said "so that a safer journey can be made."

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş İETT staff, the municipal police officers and fire brigade staff in the Directorate of Police.

Topbas, thanked the municipality employees, "We do not do feast, a holiday," he said.

İETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı and IETT employees participated in the celebration ceremony in the garage of IETT in Edirnekapı. Topbas who feasted with the staff, gave pocket money to children kissing his hand after the ceremony.


IETT'e 1705 new bus purchase is done indicating that Topbas, of them in the coming weeks will come into operation, said 758. Topbaş said that they aim to have a system like a black box that records both inside and outside in buses. If an event occurs in the internal records of the bus on the complaint by a security system that can be examined by the necessary units were established. A safer journey can be made, Daha he said.

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