Topbas: Istanbul to be invested in 60 billion pounds

Topbaş: 60 Billion Liras to Invest in Istanbul: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş made important statements about the projects that will change the face of Istanbul regarding the future of the metrobus route from the giant city park to be built in Istanbul.

Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, clarified many details about the projects about Istanbul.

Topbaş primarily made statements about the city park. Topbaş stated that the name of the giant city park might be 'Çırpıcı', but it has not been clarified yet. Kadir Topbaş also underlined that this name will be determined by discussing with Istanbulites.

Addressing questions about the route of Kanal Istanbul, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality stated that Kanal Istanbul is a special project of the Government and that he cannot explain the route himself.

Making important statements about the Metrobuses that carry millions of Istanbulites every day, Topbaş announced that the metrobuses will be converted into metro. Accordingly, the Metrobus line on the E-5 will be converted into a metro.

Topbaş gave the good news that investments of over 28 billion TL will be made in Istanbul, 60 billion TL of which is for transportation.

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