History of Land Train Lies in This Museum

The History of the Black Train Lies in This Museum: Çamlık Steam Locomotive Open Air Museum in Selçuk district of İzmir, one of the world's leading steam locomotives, awaits those who want to see “black trains” apart from period films. In the museum in the district, there are 35 steam locomotives and a specially produced wagon used by Atatürk on his country trips.

Çamlık Steam Locomotive Open Air Museum in Selçuk district of İzmir, which is among the leading companies in the world about steam locomotives, awaits those who want to see “black trains” apart from period films.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent, the first railway line in Anatolia was established between İzmir and Aydın with the privilege given to the British in 1856. Çamlık Station, which was used as active until 1939 on this line, served as a remodel of the trains by hangar until 1981 on the route change in the line.

The hangar section and its surroundings of the station, which was decided to be a museum in 1991, was opened to visitors in 1997 as the Çamlık Steam Locomotive Open Air Museum.

1887, the oldest in the museum, is the newest 1952 steam locomotive produced in 35. Among the locomotives is the British-made steam locomotive with a wood-fired steam boiler, where two of the same models remain in the world.

The 45 is spread over an area of ​​one thousand square meters, with the exception of the locomotives, various wagons, various cranes used in railways, water tanks, water tower and two steam snowplow vehicles.
The wagon used by Atatürk from 1926 to 1937

The most interesting among the wagons is the German-made wagon, which was produced technically and safetyly for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1926.

There is a meeting room, fully equipped kitchen, specially designed bathroom and bedrooms in the wagon.

It is noted that the wagon, which is said to have preserved its originality even though it has undergone various restoration works, was used for many trips of Atatürk throughout the country until 1937.
Museum of interest, foreign tourists

Nowadays, when we get used to the comfort of high-speed trains with an operating speed of 250 kilometers per hour, steam locomotives known as “black trains” have turned into “objects of nostalgia” that can be seen in period films.

Although it is difficult to believe in today's conditions, the museum, which consists of steam locomotives carrying wagons, which are told that "some passengers picked fruit from the trees while they slowed down while the ramp climb down", the museum hosts its visitors, mostly foreign tourists.

Visitors can catch trains and wagons on condition that they pay attention to security conditions.

Museum and Business Manager Hakan Yüksel stated that approximately 50 thousand local tourists, 250 thousand of whom were local, visited the museum free of charge at the restaurants adjacent to the museum area and said, “We welcome visitors from all over the world. “Atatürk's wagon, which everybody visits, gets the most attention”.
"He visited the locomotive he worked in his factory"

Hakan Yuksel, only to visit the museum is limited to the number of people who came by, specifically to visit the British and German-made locomotives said that there are those who come to visit.

Yuksel, lived an interesting memory of the following:

“An old Englishman leaned under an English-made locomotive and studied it at length. When we asked why he showed such interest later, he said that he was working in the factory where the parts of the locomotive were made. We have such curious guests.

Source : haberciniz.biz

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