Minister Yıldırım: When the Üçyol Üçkuyular metro line will end

Minister Yıldırım: When will the Üçyol Üçkuyular metro line end: Transportation Maritime Affairs and Communication Minister Binali Yıldırım has been uploaded to Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu. Explaining the Marmaray Project, Yıldırım said, “We will see when the 5-kilometer Üçyol - Üçkuyular line will end.” Yıldırım said they are waiting for Kocaoğlu's statement "One morning suddenly".

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, participated in the 'Vefa Iftar' organized by the AK Party Provincial Directorate.

Yıldırım criticized Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu at the dinner. Lightning, describing the work of the Marmaray Project referred to the work of the metro. Yıldırım said, ide Let's see when the people of İzmir will go to Üçkuyular from Üçyol, a metro line of 5 kilometers. One morning we go abruptly. Just like the president said. On that morning, the people of İzmir are looking forward to the time when the train will go. İzmir

Court Stopped

Referring to the work done at the passenger terminal of Adnan Menderes Airport, Yıldırım said that the construction of the International Terminal was stopped by a court decision.

A citizen 'old terminal, I'm very used, I'm destroying my memories' on the grounds that they were sued Minister Yıldırım, the court said the appeal was right and the execution was stopped. Lightning, thanks to the efforts of the front of the construction, he said.

'Turkey to aspire to manage' slogon the way to go and they said that after the elections Lightning xnumx'y percent rise in the percentage of votes, "the will of the nation chests. The ruling is not on the street, olur he said.

Transportation Not History Project

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Yıldırım also mentioned the excavation problem of the Konak Tunel construction and the archaeological objections of Bahribaba Park.

After the elections in the last two years for Izmir 16 project that fit the stating that the Minister Yıldırım, X The total cost is 28,5 billion TL. When we say '35 project 35 Izmir', those who have a smile now see the truth. Biz

Yildirim said that the Konak Tunnel returned from the tunnel project and returned to archaeological work. Archeology and history you know, but you give us a way of saying that Minister Binali Yildirim, belirten Now they will be three shifts and from there we will enter. We make the viaduct of the Konak Tunnel in Yesildere. The municipality is also working. We will relax Buca's traffic Bu.

Et Loving Atatürk is Serving the Country “

In his speech, Yıldırım also mentioned the actions taken by the AK Party and the government. To love Ataturk, not to master the country is to serve, to produce, "said Minister Yildirim," Ataturk's poster, who gave nothing to this country did not give anything, "he said.

11 Yildirim said, geç Some of them used different ways. As soon as it came, the 1 March resolution, the e-memorandum came out. EXPO 2015 voting days before the closure case opened. Then, the coup attempt was made. They said, "We'll crush them with terror." Then they used terror. The fact that people don't die, the funerals of martyr are not coming. We know that. They tried to discredit Turkey's economy due to its strength in Taksim events. No matter what they do, it doesn't matter. We know where we're going. Our goal is clear. Ak days, tomorrows, 'he said.

Yıldırım said, ”İzmir saw what would change even if there were different political understandings when it came to service. Yıldırım Stating that they have left behind the political accounts by working in partnership with local governments, Yıldırım added that they will continue with the same decision.

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