Smokeless airspace in Samsun rail system stations

Smokeless airspace in Samsun rail system stations: A campaign was launched in Samsun to prevent smoking at the rail system stations.

Samulaş, the operator of the light rail system, acted upon complaints from citizens. To protect all segments of the society and future generations from the harmful effects of cigarettes and tobacco products smoked by others, Samulaş places warning signs on the stops and makes announcements from trams to inform its passengers. In the explanation section of the stickers with the words "No Smoking" affixed to all stations of Samulaş throughout Samsun, there is an explanation such as "Thank you for not smoking at the stations". Also, the tram warns the citizen by making announcements whenever the station stops at the station.

Providing information on the subject, Samulaş General Manager Akın Üner said, “One of the most important complaints that come to Samulaş is the discomfort caused by citizens who smoke at stations. We have a large number of smokers and we respect that. However, many of our passengers are uncomfortable with this situation. The other problem is that our smokers throw their butts to the ground with the train approaching. It does not bother to throw the butts in the trash. This creates a great environmental pollution. It also becomes a problem for us to clean it. We launched a campaign to provide our passengers with a fresh air and clean station. This is not a ban, but a petition. Our security guards politely warn our smokers, saying, "Please don't drink. It's definitely not a ban, we don't have a criminal practice. We do not go into polemic with citizens who say 'I will smoke'. No one should perceive this as a ban. ”

Passengers said that they support this application.

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