Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş line railway tender | Half a billion complaints

Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş line railway tender: When almost all companies participating in the Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş line railway tender, which is half a billion TL in size, complained about each other, the State Railways decided to accelerate the process with an interesting measure.

17 company has submitted a bid for the Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş line tender made last year, and the bid given by 4 was valid and the tender was concluded. However, after this point, first the “complaint rage“ started. Almost all companies participating in the tender complained about the other firms participating in the tender. Following the 9 complaints mechanism, the tender was canceled.


State Railways, which started to work again after the canceled project, will be again in the coming days. However, this time the model of external financing will be valid for the tender. Ti In the previous tender, everyone complained to each other. This time the European Investment Bank focuses on financing. Thus, the appeal process will be faster and more limited and the project will be able to walk without interruption Böylece. External financing and the right to appeal the board can not be used.

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