The stone quarry, which was the death warrant of Sapanca, turned to judgment

The quarry, which was the death warrant of Sapanca, turned to judgment: The judiciary did not allow the massacre of the vicinity of Sapanca Lake and its vicinity. 2 was turned from a misunderstanding with a court decision canceling the operation permit of the quarry which was opened to the side of the lake which meets the drinking water needs of the million people. At the same place, the quarry opened 40 years ago was closed on the decision of the judiciary.

The operation permit of the quarry opened on the side of Sapanca Lake, which provided drinking water to two million people, was canceled by the court. Last year, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources had given the State Railways permission to operate a quarry in the village of Yanik for the High Speed ​​Train Project. Village Head Sibel Baykal, the quarry of Sapanca Lake will cause irreversible pollution, so they carry the matter to the judiciary, he said.

According to the news of Zaman; The company, working with TCDD, with the permission given for 90 years on 5 hectares of land, started preparations to operate the quarry, but the quarry could not be operated upon reactions. The materials from the quarry were to be used for the infrastructure of the high-speed train project's Köseköy-Vezirhan, Vezirhan-İnönü line. The quarry in question was opened 40 years ago, after being operated for a while, it was closed with a judicial decision on the grounds that it polluted Sapanca Lake heavily. In addition, in the Sapanca Lake Basin Environmental Plan prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, it was clearly stated that no quarry could be opened in the basin.

On the other hand, Sakarya Water and Sewerage Administration (SASKİ) also reported a negative opinion about the activities of the furnace. The Sakarya Governorate stated that the permissible area should be evaluated in terms of tourism, transportation security and agricultural production. In spite of all of this, the reinstatement of the furnace had caused the reaction of Yanık village residents and environmentalists.

Yanık village headman Sibel Baykal, Sapanca Lake in the case of the operation of the quarry will be exposed to intense pollution said they carry the permission given to the quarry to the judiciary, he said. Stating that the Second Administrative Court of Sakarya had canceled the operating license of the quarry, Baykal said: ini The reopening of 40 year after year was a death sentence for Sapanca Lake. This death warrant was back from judgment. The administrative court found that the area where the quarry was located was within the drinking water basin and that the raw material production permit given in accordance with the plan note contained in the 1 / 25.000 scale Environmental Plan was contrary to the law and legislation. The January operation was canceled. We are very happy with this decision. Bu Mr. Baykal informed that another jurisdiction process in the region is continuing and said, inin This decision will be a precedent. The other hearth will damage the environment and the lake. In addition, a special cooker in the region was closed last year. Wrong decisions are a judgment of a return. "He said. Stating that the materials to be used for the high-speed train infrastructure are provided from a quarry in Geyve, Baykal said, taş If the quarry had been working, there was a water reservoir that provided drinking water for the settlements in the region. In addition, due to dust, soil, our vineyards and gardens would become unusable. Maybe we'd have to leave our homes. There would be irreversible pollution in Sapanca Lake. Already closed the same reason 40 year before the closure of the furnace was meaningless to be re-opened. Ç he said.

Sakarya University (SAU) Environmental Engineering Department lecturer and also TEMA Foundation City Representative Asst. Assoc. Dr. Mahnaz Gümrükçüoğlu, stating that permission to the quarry is no different from the murder, said: taş Fortunately the judiciary did not allow it. A pleasing situation for the lake and the environment. Göl

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