RayHaber Magazine issue 4

Hello again,

The speed of our steps in the rapidly growing railway sector is growing every day! The biggest indication of this is that we connect the two continents that we have previously connected with suspension bridges, from underground to railway. Therefore, we chose the Marmaray project, the project of the century, for the better information.

Both high-speed train and our growing rail networks in the city are equipped with new modern systems. The slightest mistake, especially in the operation of very high-speed trains, causes great losses. We wanted to point out the importance of this and researched the 'black box' on trains.

Rail systems cannot be used due to large slopes in urban transportation. We talked to you with the company LEITNER, which has been successfully working on alternative solutions on this subject. We took a look at the world of ropeway and we saw with our eyes in Germany, Austria and Italy that public transportation in the city will be safely provided by ropeway.


Levent Özen

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