RayHaber Magazine issue 3

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In our country, which is a bridge between Europe and Asia, railroads in recent years are quite remarkable. New projects and upgrading of existing lines by expanding the railways Turkey offers new opportunities for investors. Similarly, the concept of public transportation preferred in urban transportation has shifted from tire systems to rail solutions. In addition to metro and light rail systems, which have been widely used in many cities over the last 10 years, trams and trambles have been preferred.

RayHaber As a family we closely follow the rail systems sector. We are quite new in our publication life, which began at the beginning of the year 2013. Not yet 3. We are proud of acting with innovative and progressive principles, even though we have a number of them.

http://www.rayhaber.com Our website, which is broadcasting from http://www.google.com, has reached 16 thousand unique visitors for up-to-date news and tender follow-ups! We started to make video news in order to serve you better. More than 400 installed within a period not exceeding one month hangout, we have also Turkey's first railway video news site.

Levent Özen

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