Railroad workers doing a tea break with a turkish mat

Railroad workers are making tea breaks with Turkish tea: TCDD is the scene of 2013 kilometer railway renovations initiated in the 112 year.

2013 3 in the year of the ray renewal work that will continue for months in the matar tea-brewing workers on rails breakfast, mobile phones and listen to the best way to listen to the break.

Since the 1969 rails used in the renewal of the arms TCDD launched in the year 2011 to the city center came to work. In 2011, 53 kilometers between Erzurum-Köprüköy and 2012 in 105 were renewed after the renewal of the 2013 kilometer railway until the Köprüköy-Sarıkamış Çatak site. Until the end of the year 2013 from Çatak location to the border station Doğukapı station is planned to be finished. During these works, 12 rails are removed and instead of the 108 meter rails are installed. After removing the wooden sleepers mounted on the old rails, the new 108 meter-length rails are mounted on 250 paved concrete sleepers. 80 worker, 9 officer, 7 operator and 3 technical personnel are working in these studies. As machine equipment also used 3 excavator, 1greyder, 1 cylinder, 1 rail vehicle and 2 units also road repair tool.

Rail renovation works in the city center of Kars is the scene of colorful images. From the provinces of Bingöl, Sivas and Amasya to Kars, the most pleasurable moments of the workers involved in the renovation works are brewing tea at the flask. As the studies are carried out in groups with 10, they are done in turn between these groups in breaks. The break group first brews tea in their flasks and then eats breakfast or food. Workers are loving to stay apart from their loved ones and listen to folk songs on mobile phones.

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