High Speed ​​Train Discussion in Malatya

High Speed ​​Train Discussion in Malatya: Republican People's Party (CHP) Malatya MP Veli Ağbaba, 14 province is in the high speed train program, but there is no Malatya, stating, "deputy, not the actions of the administration of power, you should tell him what you have done," he said.

Party building, Provincial Chairman Enver Kiraz, Central District President Abdulvahap Ayzabar, the provincial general and city council and the party executives together with the press statement CHP Malatya MP Veli Ağbaba, health workers recently raised the attack on the agenda, condemned the violence against health workers.

Ağbaba, who also mentioned the traffic problem in the city center, criticized the abandonment of the 30 tree in the Provincial Park, saying that it is not possible to proceed with your car towards the station of İnönü and Kışla Street.

He also said that Malatya's not being on the high speed train program. Getiren Why isn't Malatya under the high-speed train? Mal he asked. Ağbaba argued that the power did not look at Malatya and said: ura I'm sorry. Opposition to parliament in opposition to the opposition parliament is not made. Deputies do you come, why not Malatya under the high-speed train? Answer our question eler he said. Ağbaba, "deputies of the power of the actions of telling you, you tell him what you have done to the province," he said.

Ağbaba, who also touched on electricity issues, said, karşısında When AKP MPs forward the electricity problem against the citizens, they say yes. You are not a crying authority, you are a solution authority. Siz

Veli Ağbaba also criticized the removal of the names of İnönü and Özal from the streets. He also touched upon the topic of Hidro Elektrik Santralı (HEPP) and stated that there would be no water in the Tohma River due to the HEPPs.

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