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Ball sets off a train: Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), established for the transportation of cargo to contribute under the leadership of the Greater Anatolia Logistics Organizations BALL presentation was made. BALO, which will lift the first train on September 8, which is the liberation of Manisa, aims to transport the cargo from Anatolia to Europe by rail.

The informative meeting about the intermodal transportation operations that BALO, with 93 partners, to which TOBB and the International Transport and Logistics Services Producers Association is a participant, will start from Manisa on September 8, was held at the Historical Gas Factory. TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Sabahattin Eriş, BALO A.Ş. and Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Bülent Koşmaz, TCDD Ports Department Chairman Nevzat Güner, ITO Board Chairman Ekrem Demirtaş, Chamber of Shipping İzmir Branch President Yusuf Öztürk, Aegean Economy Development Foundation President Yılmaz Temizocak, Aliağa Chamber of Commerce President Adnan Saka, Turgutlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Faruk Aydın, Menemen Chamber of Commerce President Yılmaz Güral, chamber and commodity exchange presidents and logistics sector representatives attended.


BALL and Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Bulent Koşmaz, Great Anatolia Logistics Organizations Project Europe, Middle East and Turkey's geopolitical advantages Located said they would turn to the logistical advantages in the Asian axis. Stating that they will take part as domestic capital in the privatization process of railways, Koşmaz said, “We aim to increase the competitive power of the industrialists with this model. Our aim is that we will not hesitate to do what is necessary to reach the export target of 100 billion dollars on the 500th anniversary of the Republic ”.


Noting that BALO has never been established as a competitor to a certain sector or group, Koşmaz said that they will cooperate with the logistics sector through the agency system and will encourage and encourage the sector. Stating that their actions will bring vitality to the sector, Koşmaz said: “With the liberalization of the railways law, we aim to strengthen the sector as a local power in a period when world giants are getting ready for competition. In the globalizing economy and ever-hardening competition environment, we will provide a cooperation environment within the logistics sector, not a rival. As a national organization, we will not hesitate to do what is necessary to contribute to the export target of 100 billion dollars on the 500th anniversary of the Republic. "


BALO General Manager Hüseyin Isermiş gave information about the system. Stating that they want to experience the honor of operating Turkish trains all over, Hereermiş said, “We will establish many cargo collection centers in Anatolia, our partners TOBB, 51 chambers and 24 exchanges, 15 organized industrial zones, UTİKAT and TOBB's establishment UMAT. Trains depart after 8 September. We will use 30 Hc containers that take 45 percent more cargo in transportation. For now, we will go to Munich and Cologne by train twice a week. We will transport the cargo from Manisa to Cologne in 12 days. There will be two-block train service weekly. At the beginning of 2014, there will be 5 weekly mutual trains. 350 containers will increase to 875. It will go to destination 4 in Europe. We will have 2 train ferries. The representative of Turkey will take the train Viking in 2015. We will distribute Turkish export products from Samsun and Derince ports on the Odessa-Latvia line. We want to revive İpekyolu. We also carry raw materials from Turkey and from there to other countries. We will start domestic rail transport. Again in 2015, we will travel to Europe with 10 blocks of trains ”.

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