Parked Vehicles Prevent Trial Drive of Domestic Tram Silkworm

Parked Vehicles Prevented the Local Tram Silkworm's Trial Driving: The first test drive was carried out after the preparations, which took approximately 3,5 hours, were completed. At the tram stops in front of Bursaray Osmangazi Station, the tram, which maneuvered its maneuvers smoothly while measuring door and stop distances, went to Darmstadt Street. The first test drive of the tram, which also proceeds on the street for a while, ended due to the vehicles parked on the rails.

Expressing the excitement of the first test drive, the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said, ş We have come to an end in the T1 tram line works that will breathe in-city transportation. There are test drives in line. The tram that was lowered on the rails was powered by 750 volts. All circuits were checked and we started the test drive. Tests will be carried out with loads and we will have started the journeys in a short time. Already get better in our scholarship. Hayır

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