Cable car to the army

Ropeway for the Army: ORDU Mayor Seyit Torun, CHP, built a cable car 2.5 years ago to Boztepe, which is 530 meters high, to facilitate transportation with the city center. Stating that the cable car, which carried about 2 million people until this time, was taken as an example by other municipalities, Torun said that the number of tourists and investors coming to the city also increased.

2.5 years ago by the Army Boztepe municipality with the city center in 530 2 thousand meters in height to facilitate access 350 meters in length, consisting of cabins and 21 9 million cable car station was costing. So far, about 2 million people received indicating an example for other municipalities in Turkey's Ordu Municipality cable car carrying President Seyit Torun, drew attention to the increase in the number of tourists and investors coming to the city. Boztepe that the Army has become a milestone for tourism, following days President grandchildren that they would continue to receive this positive outcome, "Today, the number of tourists coming to the Army, the number of guests has doubled and is increasing with each passing day. The number of investors coming to the city is increasing. The army has become a center of attraction. After entering the ropeway service, 459 tour bus has entered the cable car park so far. 18 bin 935 tourists on these buses went to Boztepe with a cable car. The interest of local and foreign tourists to our city increases day by day. Yer

President Torun, local and foreign tourist tours in the city before the cable car said they did not stop. Torun said, “There are tours from many cities and countries. The Black Sea tour, which passes directly from Ordu, is now in Ordu. Those who have already been in transit for at least one night or spend a certain time in the city now. This is a huge advantage for our Army. That's how we're gonna raise tourism. Tourism is a fine way, we are walking in this way with confident steps, emin he said.

Eskisehir, Pain, Kırklareli, Antalya and Fethiye that municipalities examine closely the Boztepe established cable car station, this project an example of the Mayor explaining that they carry out work to implement by Seyit Torun, he said he also asked the cable car to the authorities when he went with another. President Torun, said the cable car has changed the appearance of the city.

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